ABBA - Hole in your soul (testo)

“You feel bad, let me tell you
we all get the blues
sometimes life is a burden
weighed down in your shoes
when it’s bad, worse, worst
(and when you’re feeling so bad)
and you think you’re cursed
(and you’ve got it sad)
well, if there’s one thing for the better
that can turn you loose

ABBA - Move on (testo e traduzione)

“They say a restless body
can hide a peaceful soul
a voyager and a settler
they both have a distant goal
if I explore the heavens
or if I search inside
well, it really doesn’t matter
as long as I can tell myself
I’ve always tried.

ABBA - The name of the game (testo e traduzione)

“I’ve seen you twice, in a short time
only a week since we started
it seems to me, for every time
I’m getting more open-hearted

ABBA - One man, one woman (testo e traduzione)

“No smiles, not a single word at the breakfast table
though I would have liked to begin
so much that I wanna say, but I feel unable
you leave and slam the door
like you’ve done many times before
and I cry and I feel so helpless

ABBA - Take a chance on me (testo e traduzione)

“If you change your mind
I’m the first in line
honey I’m still free
take a chance on me
if you need me, let me know
gonna be around
if you’ve got no place to go
if you’re feeling down
if you’re all alone
when the pretty birds have flown
honey I’m still free
take a chance on me
gonna do my [...]

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