The Smashing Pumpkins - Crestfallen (testo e traduzione)

“Who am I to need you when I’m down
where are you when I need you around
your life is not your own
and all I ask you
is for another chance

Helloween - A tale that wasn’t right (testo e traduzione)

“Here I stand all alone
have my mind turned to stone
have my heart filled up with ice
to avoid it’s breakin’ twice

Free - Soon I will be gone (testo)

“Watch my hand
writing this last letter
watch my hand
knowing I won’t forget her
no, I won’t forget her

Free - Mourning sad morning (testo e traduzione)

“Sunday morning I rise
and I stand to face a new dawn
Sunday morning a new day is born
such a long way to go
and so little time to get there
such a long way to go

Kingdom Come - Friends (testo)

“You feel the way I do
love has changed its course
crashed upon the shore
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel the hurt
far beyond the word ‘good bye

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