Chicago - If you leave me now (testo e traduzione)

“If you leave me now
you’ll take away the biggest part of me
no, baby please don’t go
and if you leave me now
you’ll take away the very heart of me
no, baby please don’t go
girl I just want you to stay

Neil Diamond - September morn (testo e traduzione)

“Stay for just a while
stay, and let me look at you
it’s been so long, I hardly knew you
standing in the door
stay with me a while
I only wanna talk to you
we’ve traveled halfway ’round the world
to find ourselves again

Neil Diamond - Solitary man (testo)

“Melinda was mine
’til the time
that I found her
holding Jim
loving him

Neil Diamond - I am… I said (testo)

“L.A.’s fine, the sun shines most the time
and the feeling is ‘lay back’
palm trees grow, and rents are low
but you know I keep thinkin’ about
making my way back

Neil Diamond - Shilo (testo e traduzione)

“Young child with dreams
dream every dream on your own
when children play
seems like you end up alone
papa says he’d love to be with you
if he had the time
so you turn to the only friend you can find
there in your mind

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