Bruce Springsteen - Waitin’ on a sunny day (testo e traduzione)

“It’s rainin’ but there ain’t a cloud in the sky
musta been a tear from your eye
everything’ll be okay
funny thought I felt a sweet summer breeze
musta been you sighin’ so deep
don’t worry we’re gonna find a way

Bruce Springsteen - Sinaloa cowboys (testo e traduzione)

“Miguel came from a small town in northern Mexico
he came north with his brother Louis
to California three years ago
they crossed at the river levee
when Louis was just sixteen
and found work together
in the fields of the San Joaquin

Bruce Springsteen - Straight time (testo e traduzione)

“Got out of prison back in ‘86 and I found me a wife
walked the clean and narrow
just tryin’ to stay out and stay alive
got a job at the rendering factory
it ain’t gonna make me rich
in the darkness before dinner comes
sometimes I can feel the itch
I got a cold mind to [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Lucky Town (testo e traduzione)

“House got too crowded clothes got too tight
and I don’t know just where I’m going tonight
out where the sky’s been cleared by a good hard rain
there’s somebody callin’ my secret name

Bruce Springsteen - Better days (testo e traduzione)

“Well my soul checked out
missing as I sat listening
to the hours and minutes tickin’ away
yeah, just sittin’ around
waitin’ for my life to begin
while it was all just slippin’ away
I’m tired of waitin’ for tomorrow to come
or that train to come roarin’ ’round the bend
I got a new suit of clothes [...]

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