Leonard Cohen - The stranger song (testo e traduzione)

“It’s true that all the men you knew were dealers
who said they were through with dealing
every time you gave them shelter
I know that kind of man
it’s hard to hold the hand of anyone
who is reaching for the sky just to surrender
who is reaching for the sky just to surrender.

Leonard Cohen - Bird on the wire (testo e traduzione)

“Like a bird on the wire
like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free
like a worm on a hook
like a knight from some old-fashioned book
I have saved all my ribbons for thee.

Leonard Cohen - Winter lady (testo e traduzione)

“Trav’ling lady, stay awhile
until the night is over
I’m just a station on your way
I know I’m not your lover.

Leonard Cohen - Master song (testo e traduzione)

“I believe that you heard your master sing
when I was sick in bed
I suppose that he told you everything
that I keep locked away in my head
your master took you travelling
well at least that’s what you said
and now do you come back to bring
your prisoner wine and bread?

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne (testo e traduzione)

“Suzanne takes you down
to her place near the river
you can hear the boats go by
you can spend the night beside her
and you know that she’s half crazy
but that’s why you want to be there
and she feeds you tea and oranges
that come all the way from China
and just when you mean [...]

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