Leonard Cohen - A singer must die (testo e traduzione)

“Now the courtroom is quiet, but who will confess
is it true you betrayed us? The answer is yes
then read me the list of the crimes that are mine
I will ask for the mercy that you love to decline
and all the ladies go moist, and the judge has no choice
a singer [...]

Umberto Tozzi - Io camminerò (testo)

“La mia donna la sua allegria
che mi riscalderà
con il fuoco di un’idea
uomo solo uomo a metà
domani nei suoi occhi
tutto il resto affogherà.

Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel #2 (testo e traduzione)

“I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
you were talking so brave and so sweet
giving me head on the unmade bed
while the limousines wait in the street
those were the reasons and that was New York
we were running for the money and the flesh
And that was called love for the workers [...]

Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc (testo e traduzione)

“Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc
as she came riding through the dark
no moon to keep her armour bright
no man to get her through this very smoky night
she said, - I’m tired of the war
I want the kind of work I had before
a wedding dress or something white
to wear [...]

Leonard Cohen - Avalanche (testo e traduzione)

“Well I stepped into an avalanche
it covered up my soul
when I am not this hunchback that you see
I sleep beneath the golden hill
you who wish to conquer pain
you must learn, learn to serve me well.

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