Umberto Tozzi - Tu (testo)

“Tu, stiamo qui, stiamo là
c’è l’amore a cena e tu
dimmi sì se ti va
il mio letto è forte e tu
pesi poco di più della gommapiuma
tu perché tu non ci sei
e mi sto spogliando.

Leonard Cohen - Ain’t no cure for love (testo e traduzione)

“I loved you for a long, long time
I know this love is real
it don’t matter how it all went wrong
that don’t change the way I feel
and I can’t believe that time’s
gonna heal this wound I’m speaking of
there ain’t no cure
there ain’t no cure
there ain’t no cure for love.

Leonard Cohen - A bunch of lonesome heroes (testo e traduzione)

“A bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes
were smoking out along the open road
the night was very dark and thick between them
each man beneath his ordinary load
“I’d like to tell my story”
said one of them so young and bold
“I’d like to tell my story
before I turn into gold.”

Leonard Cohen - The partisan (testo e traduzione)

“When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
this I could not do
I took my gun and vanished.

Leonard Cohen - A thousand kisses deep (testo e traduzione)

“The ponies run, the girls are young
the odds are there to beat
you win a while, and then it’s done
your little winning streak
and summoned now to deal
with your invincible defeat
you live your life as if it’s real
a thousand kisses deep.

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