Enzo Jannacci - L’Armando (testo)

“Era quasi verso sera
se ero dietro, stavo andando
che si è aperta la portiera
è caduto giù l’Armando
Commissario, sa l’Armando
era proprio il mio gemello
però ci volevo bene
come fosse mio fratello.

Leonard Cohen - Death of a ladies’ man (testo)

“Ah the man she wanted all her life was hanging by a thread
- I never even knew how much I wanted you, - she said
his muscles they were numbered and his style was obsolete
- oh baby, I have come too late -, she knelt beside his feet
- I’ll never see [...]

Leonard Cohen - The gypsy’s wife (testo e traduzione)

“And where, where, where is my Gypsy wife tonight
I’ve heard all the wild reports, they can’t be right
but whose head is this she’s dancing with on the threshing floor
whose darkness deepens in her arms a little more

Leonard Cohen - Humbled in love (testo e traduzione)

“Do you remember all of those pledges
that we pledged in the passionate night
ah they’re soiled now, they’re torn at the edges
like moths on a still yellow light
no penance serves to renew them
no massive transfusions of trust
why not even revenge can undo them
so twisted these vows and so crushed

Leonard Cohen - Because of (testo e traduzione)

“Because of a few songs
wherein I spoke of their mystery
women have been
exceptionally kind
to my old age
they make a secret place
in their busy lives
and they take me there.

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