Bruce Springsteen - Factory (testo e traduzione)

“Early in the morning factory whistle blows
man rises from bed and puts on his clothes
man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning light
it’s the working, the working, just the working life.

Bruce Springsteen - The promised land (testo e traduzione)

“On a rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert
I pick up my money and head back into town
driving cross the Waynesboro county line
I got the radio on and I’m just killing time
working all day in my daddy’s garage
driving all night chasing some mirage
pretty soon little girl I’m gonna take charge

Bruce Springsteen - Meeting across the river (testo e traduzione)

“Hey, Eddie, can you lend me a few bucks
and tonight can you get us a ride
gotta make it through the tunnel
got a meeting with a man on the other side

Bruce Springsteen - Night (testo e traduzione)

“You get up every morning at the sound of the bell
you get to work late and the boss man’s giving you hell
till you’re out on a midnight run
losing your heart to a beautiful one
and it feels right as you lock up the house
turn out the lights and step out into [...]

Bruce Springsteen - Tenth Avenue freeze-out (testo e traduzione)

“Tear drops on the city
Bad Scooter searching for his groove
seem like the whole world walking pretty
and you can’t find the room to move
well everybody better move over, that’s all
I’m running on the bad side
and I got my back to the wall
Tenth Avenue freeze-out, Tenth Avenue freeze-out

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