Bruce Springsteen - Fade away (testo e traduzione)

“Well, now you say you’ve found another man
who does things to you that I can’t
and that no matter what I do
it’s all over now
between me and you girl
but I can’t believe what you say
no, I can’t believe what you say
’cause baby

Bruce Springsteen - Point blank (testo e traduzione)

“Do you still say your prayers little darlin’
do you go to bed at night
prayin’ that tomorrow, everything will be alright
but tommorow’s fall in number
in number one by one
you wake up and you’re dying
you don’t even know what from

Bruce Springsteen - Crush on you (testo e traduzione)

“My feets were flyin’ down the street just the other night
when a Hong Kong special pulled up at the light
what was inside, man, was just c’est magnifique
I wanted to hold the bumper
and let her drag me down the street

Bruce Springsteen - Out in the street (testo e traduzione)

“Put on your best dress baby
and darlin’, fix your hair up right
cause there’s a party, honey
way down beneath the neon lights
all day you’ve been working that hard line
now tonight you’re gonna have a good time

Bruce Springsteen - Jackson cage (testo e traduzione)

“Driving home she grabs something to eat
turns a corner and drives down her street
into a row of houses she just melts away
like the scenery in another man’s play
into a house where the blinds are closed
to keep from seeing things she don’t wanna know
she pulls the blinds and looks out on [...]

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