Bruce Springsteen - One step up (testo e traduzione)

“Woke up this morning my house was cold
checked out the furnace she wasn’t burnin’
went out and hopped in my old Ford
hit the engine but she ain’t turnin’
we’ve given each other some hard lessons lately
but we ain’t learnin’
we’re the same sad story that’s a fact
one step up and two steps back

Bruce Springsteen - Two faces (testo e traduzione)

“I met a girl and we ran away
I swore I’d make her happy every day
and how I made her cry
two faces have I

Bruce Springsteen - Walk like a man (testo e traduzione)

“I remember how rough your hand felt on mine
on my wedding day
and the tears cried on my shoulder
I couldn’t turn away
well so much has happened to me
that I don’t understand
all I can think of is being five years old
following behind you at the beach
tracing your footprints in the sand
trying to [...]

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