James Blunt - Superstar (testo)

“There is an empty space in the chair tonight
cause he don’t feel right
there are stormclouds brewing
at the back of his mind
as he steps outside

James Blunt - No tears (testo e traduzione)

“Don’t I know it? Nobody has to say
I’ve been lucky
guess I was born that way
I thank my father
his absence has made me strong
and I love my mother
but she had troubles with God.

James Blunt - Best laid plans (testo)

“You don’t like it in the dark
but you won’t let me shine a light
I would wash away your troubles
but it seems
the more that I hold on
the more that you let go
and I know, you better let somebody love you
or find yourself, on your own

James Blunt - Dangerous (testo e traduzione)

“I’ll be standing in the corner
just watching her slaughter them
see you all go wild
I’ve been dipping in my finger
testing out the water
see you on the other side

Dido - Life for rent (testo e traduzione)

“I haven’t ever really found
a place that I call home
I never stick around
quite long enough to make it
I apologize once again I’m not in love
but it’s not as if I mind
that your heart ain’t exactly breaking

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