Genesis - Seven stones (testo e traduzione)

“Tinker, alone within a storm
and losing hope he clears
the leaves beneath a tree
seven stones lay on the ground
within the seventh house a friend was found
and the changes of no consequence
will pick up the reins from nowhere.

Dan Bull - WikiLeaks and the need for free speech (testo)

“It’s been said that the first casualty of war is truth
and I’m inclined to agree, listen:
We live in an age of instant information
so isn’t it strange that things
have been hidden away from us
Governments think we need to gain their trust
but it’s the other way around, just take a look
nothing tells [...]

Genesis - Harlequin (testo e traduzione)

“Came the night a mist dissolved the trees
and in the broken light colours fly, fading by
pale and cold as figures fill the glade
grey is the web they spin, on and on, and on and on
through the flame still summer lingers on
though her pictures soon shatter.

Genesis - For absent friends (testo e traduzione)

“Sunday at six when they close both the gates
a widowed pair still sitting there
wonder if they’re late for church
and it’s cold, so they fasten their coats
and cross the grass, they’re always last.

Genesis - The musical box (testo e traduzione)

“Play me Old King Cole
that I may join with you
all your hearts now seem so far from me
it hardly seems to matter now.

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