Brenda Russell - Piano in the dark (testo)

“When I find myself watching the time
I never think about all the funny things you said
I feel like it’s dead
where is it leading me now

Television - Marquee Moon (testo)

“I remember
how the darkness doubled
I recall lightning struck itself
I was listening
listening to the rain
I was hearing
hearing something else.

Bee Gees - I started a joke (testo e traduzione)

“I started a joke
which started the whole world crying
but I didn’t see
that the joke was on me, oh no

The Beau Brummels - Just a little (testo e traduzione)

“I can’t stay, yes I know
you know I hate to go
but goodbye, love was sweet
our worlds can never meet

Great Northern - Driveway (testo)

“If you’re looking out your window
and you say you’re gone
and you’re staring at the ceiling
and where we’re from
remember when you wake up
don’t forget, turn out the light
cause i’m looking out my window
for you every night oh

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