Roberto Vecchioni - Sestri Levante (testo)

“Poi forse quest’inverno sarà freddo
e ci sarà la neve
e conterò ordinatamente i figli
quelli persi in teatro
quelli lasciati agli altri
mi curerò le zampe dalle schegge di vetro
farò più lunghi i passi
per non guardare indietro.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows - The young ones (testo)

“The young ones, darling we’re the young ones
and the young ones shouldn’t be afraid
to live, love, while the flame has sprung
cause we may not be the young ones very long

Wishbone Ash - Errors of my way (testo)

“I didn’t know what day it was that day
felt just like falling down on my knees to pray
looked at myself, and all that I could say
was, I think I see the errors of my way.

Cook Da Books - Your eyes (testo e traduzione)

“Your eyes, opened wide as I looked your way
couldn’t hide what they meant to say
feeling lost in a crowded room
it’s too soon for a new love
when you smile your eyes show your heart
lost inside a suit torn apart
feeling alone with people around
true love is so hard to find now
you think [...]

Phoebe Cates - Paradise (testo e traduzione)

“Could it be the little things you do to me
like waking up beside you it’s so new to me
life can be so full of danger in the dark
there lurks a stranger
I just can’t
imagine what he wants of me

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