Dire Straits - Follow me home (testo e traduzione)

“Oh well the sun go down
celebration in the town tonight
all day long
they been slaughtering upon the stone
share out the meat
yeah, you really like to eat
come on woman
come follow me home

Dire Straits - Single-handed sailor (testo e traduzione)

“Two in the morning, dry-dock town
the rivers rolls away in the night
little Gypsy Moth she’s all tied down
she quiver in the wind and the light

Dire Straits - Portobello Belle (testo e traduzione)

“Bella donna’s on the highstreet
her breasts upon the off beat
and the stalls are just the side shows
Victoriano’s old clothes
and yes her jeans are tight now
she got to travel light now
she got to turn up all her roots now

Dire Straits - Angel of mercy (testo e traduzione)

“Well there’s a Peter Pan moon shepherd’s delight
I got to dragon at noon, yes and I won the fight
now I want my reward in heaven tonight
just like you promised
Angel of Mercy, you’ll come to no harm
Angel of Mercy, there’s no need for alarm
The knight in his armor wants a night [...]

Dire Straits - Lady Writer (testo e traduzione)

“Lady writer on the TV
talk about the Virgin Mary
reminded me of you
expectation left to come up to yeah

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