Otis Redding - I’ve been loving you too long (testo e traduzione)

“I’ve been loving you too long to stop now
There were time and you want to be free
my love is growing stronger
as you become a habit to me
oh I’ve been loving you a little too long
I dont wanna stop now, oh
with you my life
has been so wonderful
I can’t stop now

Elton John - Little Jeannie (testo e traduzione)

“Oh little Jeannie
you got so much love, little Jeannie
and you take it where it strikes
and give it to the likes of me
oh little Jeannie
she got so much love, little Jeannie
so I see you when I can
you make me all a man can be

Elton John - Song for Guy (testo e traduzione)

“Life isn’t everything
isn’t everything
isn’t everything
Life isn’t everything
isn’t everything
isn’t everything…”.

Simon and Garfunkel - He was my brother (testo e traduzione)

“He was my brother
five years older than I
he was my brother
twenty-three years old the day he died

Simon and Garfunkel - 7 O’Clock News / Silent Night (testo e traduzione)

“This is the early evening edition of the news.
The recent fight in the House of Representatives was over the open housing section of the Civil Rights Bill. Brought traditional enemies together but it left the defenders of the measure without the votes of their strongest supporters. President Johnson originally proposed [...]

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