Mark Knopfler - Done with Bonaparte (testo e traduzione)

“We’ve paid in hell since Moscow burned
as cossacks tear us piece by piece
our dead are strewn a hundred leagues
though death would be a sweet release
and our grande armée is dressed in rags
a frozen starving beggar band
like rats we steal each other’s scraps
fall to fighting hand to hand

Mark Knopfler - Nobody’s got the gun (testo e traduzione)

“Nobody’s got the gun
nobody’s trying to get the drop on anyone
nobody’s standing out on main street
with the sun blazing down
saying “There’s only room for one of us
in this here town”
nobody’s got to be the number one
nobody’s got the gun

Mark Knopfler - Rüdiger (testo e traduzione)

“Rüdiger stands in the rain and the snow
collector of autographs
names upon photographs
faces of people who everyone knows

Mark Knopfler - Je suis désolé (testo e traduzione)

“We are leaving, leaving
leaving on the tide
come and stand beside me love
the water is so wide
you can hear the sailors calling
at the dawning of the day
yesterday is falling, love
and je suis désolé, je suis désolé

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