The IT short movies: InfinitiTesti by Katalina Bakradze


A girl playing roles with her alter ego, a gorgeous dancer rehearsing her ballet. A piano background, soft and obsessive at the same time. These are some of the ingredients of the debut video of the InfinitiTesti Worldwide Movie Project, directed by young Georgian filmmaker Katalina Bakradze, well known for her artistic and much appreciated musical clips. The movie is set to the beat of music and fluently runs disclosing hidden plots and stories in skillfully edited sequences. The main characters are the talented Qeta Gvinepadze confidently playing herself and her alter ego, and the dancer Natia Bunturi, carrying us away with her beauty and grace into such a magic atmosphere, far beyond any reasonable limit. Strong, contrasting, non-accidental choices.

Here is Katalina Bakradze’s interpretation presented to InfinitiTesti. The Web is constantly moving faster and faster, wearing out one-day heroes: we, at InfinitiTesti, prefer to sit down, think and talk over things. Despite the common trend of overindulging in transient music phenomena (that will be shortly outdated), at InfinitiTesti we have the strength to withstand the planned obsolescence of new proposals, by means of memory and research. We are not looking for celebrity on the Web: it would soon vanish, challenged by the same amateurial audience who acclaimed us at first. We’re not willing to lead any dissent, dispute or a mere anti-consumerist fight in order to assert pure art. No cult of personality or narcissism direct us, no real name identify our work. Our aim is to give a human meaning back to music and let our inner feelings flow freely.

Arturo Bandini, 29 marzo 2013



Idea: Katalina Bakradze
Director: Katalina Bakradze
Cinematographer: Levan Maisuradze
Guest Director: Nick Dalakishvili
Girls: Qeta Gvinepadze
Ballerina: Natia Bunturi
Music: Benjamin Ann - “Heavy machinery and fine mechanics


InfinitiTesti è un sito amatoriale che propone traduzioni e revisioni di testi musicali da tutto il mondo. I nostri lavori sono disponibili nelle pagine Traduzioni e Discografie, o si può far riferimento anche all’Indice Generale, suddiviso in canzoni Italiane e Straniere. Per maggiori approfondimenti in merito ai nostri percorsi e alle nostre Rassegne, si può leggere la sezione dedicata agli Speciali. Per ricevere in tempo reale tutti gli ultimi post pubblicati, si possono sottoscrivere i Feed RSS di InfinitiTesti. Per collaborare in qualunque forma con la redazione, si può far riferimento alla pagina Contatti.


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