Amy MacDonald - This pretty face (testo e traduzione)

“I don’t care who does her hair
or what clothes she wears
I don’t care if it’s YSL
I don’t care if it’s Chanel
what matters to me is a strong belief
all this beauty is skin deep
don’t care about hair
don’t care about eyes
it’s about what’s inside

Amy MacDonald - Spark (testo e traduzione)

“Don’t wanna see the stars
don’t wanna see the moon
don’t wanna see the sun
that rises up too soon
don’t wanna see the day
don’t wanna see the night
oh the afternoon, it feels about right

Amy MacDonald - Don’t tell me that it’s over (testo e traduzione)

“Tell me why this world is a mess
I thought you always tried the best
tell me what am I to do
maybe you should do it too
tell me why they’re sleeping alone
no house, nowhere to call a home
tell me what I meant to see
won’t you stop preaching at me

Amy MacDonald - Poison Prince (testo e traduzione)

“A poetic genius is something I don’t see
why would a genius be trippin’ on me?
And he’s looking at me now
but what he can’t see
is that I’m looking through his eyes

Amy Macdonald - Mr Rock & Roll (testo e traduzione)

“So-called Mr Rock & Roll
is dancing on his own again
talking on his phone again
to someone who tells him
that his balance is low
he’s got nowhere to go
he’s on his own again.

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