Bee Gees - You win again (testo e traduzione)

“I couldn’t figure why
you couldn’t give me
what everybody needs
I shouldn’t let you kick me
when I’m down, my baby
I find out everybody know that
you’ve been using me
I’m surprised you
let me stay around you
one day I’m gonna lift the cover
and look inside your heart
we gotta level before we go
and tear this love [...]

Bee Gees - If I can’t have you (testo)

“Don’t know why I’m surviving every lonely day
when there’s got to be no chance for me
my life would end and it doesn’t matter how I cry
my tears of love are a waste of time
if I turn away am I strong enough to see it through
go crazy is what I will [...]

Bee Gees - Alone (testo)

“I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke
I could make a woman hang on every single stroke
I was an iron man
I had a master plan
but, I was alone

Bee Gees - World (testo e traduzione)

“Now, I found, that the world is round
and of course it rains everyday.
Living tomorrow
where in the world will I be tomorrow?
How far am I able to see?
Or am I needed here?

Bee Gees - Run to me (testo e traduzione)

“If ever you got rain in your heart
someone has hurt you, and torn you apart
am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?

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