Blackmore’s Night - Wish you were here (testo e traduzione)

“Wish you were here
me, oh, my countryman
wish you were here

Blackmore’s Night - Christmas Eve (testo e traduzione)

“Say goodbye to November
she must be on her way
the cold winds of December
feel like they’re here to stay
me, I’ll just count the snowflakes
as they start to fall
getting lost in the beauty
the magic of it all

Blackmore’s Night - Village lanterne (testo e traduzione)

“Don’t shed a tear for me
I stand alone
this path of destiny
is all my own
once in the hands of fate
there is no choice
an echo on the wind
you’ll hear my voice…

Blackmore’s Night - Once in a million years (testo e traduzione)

“October reminds me of my home
the cold nights I would wait all alone
watching leaves turning from green to gold…
The waiting feels like eternity
when waiting for love to come to me
someone to have, someone to hold…

Blackmore’s Night - Renaissance faire (testo e traduzione)

“I was told once, by a friend of mine
she had seen an olden sign
she said she was not from this time
and did I feel the same?

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