Hurts - The water (testo e traduzione)

“Innocent, they swim
I tell them ‘no’
they just dive right in
but do they know?

Hurts - Sunday (testo e traduzione)

“There are times when we question the things we know?
Never thought that the cracks will begin to show
we both know love is not that easy
I wish I’d known that it would be this hard to be alone
please, come home!

Hurts - Stay (testo e traduzione)

“My whole life waiting for the right time
to tell you how I feel
know I try to tell you that I need you
here I am without you
I feel so lost but what can I do?
‘Cause I know this love seems real
but I don’t know how to feel.

Hurts - Wonderful life (testo e traduzione)

“On a bridge across the seven on a saturday night
Susie meets the man of her dreams
he says that he got in trouble
and if she doesn’t mind
he doesn’t want the company
but there’s something in the air
they share a look in silence
and everything is understood
Susie grabs her man
and puts a grip on [...]

Hurts - Illuminated (testo e traduzione)

“Time waits for no one
so do you want to waste some time
oh, oh tonight?
Don’t be afraid of tomorrow
just take my hand
I’ll make it feel so much better tonight

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