Iron & Wine e Calexico - Sixteen, maybe less (testo e traduzione)

“Beyond the ridge to the left
you asked me what I want
between the trees and cicadas
singing round the pond
- I spent an hour with you
should I want anything else? -

Iron & Wine - The sea & the rhythm (testo)

“Tonight we’re the sea and the salty breeze
the milk from your breast is on my lips
and lovelier words from your mouth to me
when salty my sweat and fingertips

Iron & Wine and Calexico - History of lovers (testo)

“Louise only got from me innocent poetry
although she played to not listen
but still I can hear myself speak as if no one else
ever could offer the same

Iron & Wine - Jesus the Mexican Boy (testo e traduzione)

“Jesus the Mexican boy
born in a truck on the fourth of July
gave me a card with a lady naked on the back
barefoot at night on the road
fireworks blooming above in the sky
I never knew I was given
the best one from the deck

Iron & Wine - Passing afternoon (testo e traduzione)

“There are times that walk from you
like some passing afternoon
summer warmed the open window of her honeymoon
and she chose a yard to burn
but the ground remembers her
wooden spoons, her children
stir her Bougainvillea blooms

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