James Blunt - Turn me on (testo)

“I’m a boy and she’s a girl
and we’re gonna do this around the world
catch her heart and count to five
and remember everybody dies you know

James Blunt - I’ll be your man (testo)

“Too many noises
too many voices
invisible wires keeping us apart
so many choices
some disappointments
and they only steal me away from you
climb into our private bubble
let’s get into all kinds of trouble

James Blunt - Heart of gold (testo)

“This time her mind is made up
yeah, she’s moving on
tonight her spirit’s crushed
it’s ’cause she don’t belong

James Blunt - Calling out your name (testo)

“Well you can stand there waiting for a rainy day
close up your heart and hide your dancing shoes away
and cut yourself with your mistakes
leave all hope lying in a line of chalk
everything you need is disguised in double talk
so wound yourself and let it ache
but if you’re waiting for something [...]

James Blunt - These are the words (testo)

“Tender was my lover from the suburbs of town
we were sweethearts from college
she was always around
we were good for each other
but some things they just don’t work out

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