Kiss - I love it loud (testo)

“Stand up, you don’t have to be afraid
get down, love is like a hurricane
street boy, no I never could be tamed
better believe it
guilty till I’m proven innocent
whiplash, heavy metal accident
rock on, I wanna be the president, ‘cos

Kiss - Just a boy (testo)

“Who steers the ship through the stormy sea
if hope is lost then so are we
while some eyes search for one to guide us
some are staring at me

Kiss - Heaven’s on fire (testo e traduzione)

“I look at you and my blood boils hot
I feel my temperature rise
I want it all, give me what you got
there’s hunger in your eyes
I’m getting closer, baby hear me breathe
you know the way to give me what I need
just let me love you and you’ll never leave

Kiss - Hard luck woman (testo e traduzione)

“If never I met you
I’d never have seen you cry
if not for our first hello
we’d never have to say goodbye

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