Lou Reed - Good evening Mr. Waldheim (testo e traduzione)

“Good evening Mr.Waldheim
and Pontiff how are you?
You have so much in common
in the things you do

Lou Reed - Hold on (testo e traduzione)

“There’s blacks with knives and whites with clubs
fighting in Howard Beach
there’s no such thing as human rights
when you walk the N.Y. streets

Lou Reed - Sick of you (testo e traduzione)

“I was up in the morning with the TV blarin’
brush my teeth sittin’ watchin’ the news
all the beaches were closed
the ocean was a Red Sea
but there was no one there to part in two

Lou Reed - Busload of faith (testo e traduzione)

“You can’t depend on your family
you can’t depend on your friends
you can’t depend on a beginning
you can’t depend on an end

Lou Reed - Beginning of a great adventure (testo e traduzione)

“It might be fun to have a kid that I could kick around
a little me to fill up with my thoughts
a little me or he or she to fill up with my dreams
a way of saying life is not a loss

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