Mark Knopfler - Baloney again (testo e traduzione)

“We don’t eat in no white restaurant
we’re eatin’ in the car
Baloney again, Baloney again
we don’t sleep in no white hotel bed
we’re sleepin’ in the car, Baloney again
you don’t strut around in these country towns
you best stay in the car
look on ahead don’t stare around
you best stay where you are
you’re a [...]

Mark Knopfler - Who’s your baby now (testo e traduzione)

“The rock you stood upon
is broken up and gone
hey baby, who’s your baby now
on the slipway of your dream
stands someone else’s scheme
hey baby, who’s your baby now

Mark Knopfler (feat. James Taylor) - Sailing to Philadelphia (testo e traduzione)

“I am Jeremiah Dixon
I am a Geordie boy
a glass of wine with you, sir
and the ladies I’ll enjoy
all Durham and Northumberland
is measured up by my own hand
it was my fate from birth
to make my mark upon the earth…

Mark Knopfler - Are we in trouble now (testo e traduzione)

“It wasn’t just the music
it wasn’t just the wine
some other kind of magic
was sending shivers up my spine
then I was falling
and I fell for you, and how
darling, are we in trouble now

Mark Knopfler - Done with Bonaparte (testo e traduzione)

“We’ve paid in hell since Moscow burned
as cossacks tear us piece by piece
our dead are strewn a hundred leagues
though death would be a sweet release
and our grande armée is dressed in rags
a frozen starving beggar band
like rats we steal each other’s scraps
fall to fighting hand to hand

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