Neil Diamond - Song sung blue (testo)

“Song sung blue
everybody knows one
song sung blue
every garden grows one

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (testo e traduzione)

“Where it began
I can’t begin to knowin’
but then I know it’s growin’ strong
Was in the spring
and spring became a summer
who’d have believed you’d come along

Neil Diamond - Forever in blue jeans (testo e traduzione)

“Money talks
but it don’t sing and dance
and it don’t walk
and long as I can have you here with me
I’d much rather be
forever in blue jeans

Neil Diamond - September morn (testo e traduzione)

“Stay for just a while
stay, and let me look at you
it’s been so long, I hardly knew you
standing in the door
stay with me a while
I only wanna talk to you
we’ve traveled halfway ’round the world
to find ourselves again

Neil Diamond - Solitary man (testo)

“Melinda was mine
’til the time
that I found her
holding Jim
loving him

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