Air Supply - All out of love (testo e traduzione)

“I’m lying alone with my head on the phone
thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too but what else can we do
tormented and torn apart

Air Supply - Every woman in the world (testo e traduzione)

“Over night scenes, dinner and wine
Saturday girls
I was never in love, never had the time
in my hustle and hurry world
laughing myself to sleep, waking up lonely
I needed someone to hold me, oh

Air Supply - Here I am (testo e traduzione)

“Here I am playing with those memories again
and just when I thought time had set me free
those thoughts of you keep taunting me

Air Supply - Making love out of nothing at all (testo e traduzione)

“I know just how to whisper
and I know just how to cry
I know just where to find the answers
and I know just how to lie.

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