Iron & Wine - On your wings (testo)

“God, there is gold hidden
deep in the ground
God, there’s a hangman
that wants to come around

Iron & Wine - Your fake name is good enough for me (testo e traduzione)

“Fake watches in your broken hand
barely keeping time
barefoot in the city
and your phone is ringing
bet you’re watching all the happy kids
climbing on a car
they were singing something
maybe they were singing
- Become the weeds, we will become
become the sea, we will become -

Iron & Wine - Discografia completa - Testi e traduzioni

Album in studio.
The creek drank the cradle (2002)
1. Lion’s mane (testo)
2. Bird stealing bread (testo)
3. Faded from the winter (testo e traduzione)
4. Promising light (testo)
5. The rooster moans (testo e traduzione)
6. Upward over the mountain (testo e traduzione)
7. “Southern Anthem” – 3:54
8. “An Angry Blade” – 3:48
9. “Weary Memory” – 4:01
10. “Promise What You Will” [...]

Iron & Wine - Peace beneath the city (testo)

“Here’s a prayer for the body
buried by the interstate
mother of a soldier
a tree in a forest up in flames
Black valley, peace beneath the city
where the women hear the washboard rhythm
in their bosom when they say
“Give me good legs and a Japanese car
and show me a road”

Calexico and Iron & Wine - Prison on Route 41 (testo e traduzione)

“There’s a prison on Route 41
a home to my father, first cousin, and son
and I visit on every weekend
not with my body but with prayers that I send

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