Joshua Radin - Discografia completa - Testi e traduzioni

Album in studio.
We were here (2006)
1. Sundrenched world (testo e traduzione)
2. Star Mile (testo e traduzione)
3. Everything’ll be alright (Will’s Lullaby) (testo)
4. These photographs (testo e traduzione)
5. Closer (testo e traduzione)
6. Today (testo e traduzione)
7. Winter (testo e traduzione)
8. Someone else’s life (testo)
9. Amy’s song (testo e traduzione)
10. What if you (testo e traduzione)
11. Only [...]

Joshua Radin - Only you (testo e traduzione)

“Looking from the window above
it’s like a story of love
can you hear me?
Came back only yesterday
who went further away
want you near me

Joshua Radin - Today (testo e traduzione)

“Shoelaces untied
you can dry your eyes
perfect shadows alive
behind us
this is the day I make you mine

Joshua Radin - Winter (testo e traduzione)

“I should know
who I am by now
I walk, the record stands somehow
thinking of winter

Joshua Radin e Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight (testo e traduzione)

“Been up all night staring at you
wondering what’s on your mind
I’ve been this way
with so many before
but this feels like the first time
you want the sunrise to go back to bed
I want to make you laugh

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