Leonard Cohen - There is a war (testo e traduzione)

“There is a war between the rich and poor
a war between the man and the woman
there is a war between the ones
who say there is a war
and the ones who say there isn’t.

Leonard Cohen - The Captain (testo e traduzione)

“The Captain called me to his bed
he fumbled for my hand
- Take these silver bars -, he said
- I’m giving you command -.

Leonard Cohen - On that day (testo e traduzione)

“Some people say
it’s what we deserve
for sins against g-d
for crimes in the world
I wouldn’t know
I’m just holding the fort
since that day
they wounded New York

Leonard Cohen - I can’t forget (testo e traduzione)

“I stumbled out of bed
I got ready for the struggle
I smoked a cigarette
and I tightened up my gut
I said this can’t be me
must be my double
and I can’t forget, I can’t forget
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what

Leonard Cohen - Jazz police (testo e traduzione)

“Can you tell me why the bells are ringing?
Nothing’s happened in a million years
I’ve been sitting here since Wednesday morning
wednesday morning can’t believe my ears

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